Cartatoto Additions – jeu de 110 cartes
  • Cartatoto Additions – jeu de 110 cartes
  • "CARTATOTO ADDITIONS" - Ducale, the French card game.
  • "CARTATOTO ADDITIONS" - Ducale, the French card game.

"CARTATOTO ADDITIONS" - Ducale, the French card game.


Cartatoto Addition is a game to learn how to add numbers while having fun. The illustrated cards on both sides help the child count and find the result.

Various game rules are provided for playful learning.


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Learn and review addition while having fun with the educational card game Cartatoto!

The cards are double-sided to help children count. On one side, there is an addition problem, and on the other side, its result is accompanied by colored symbols to illustrate the corresponding calculation.

This method allows for playing different game rules for a playful learning experience based on difficulty levels: Battles, Memory game...

Cartatoto Additions, an educational game.

An educational game for children that is ideal for facilitating the discovery, learning, and revision of simple operations with easy rules.

Created by Fabienne MATHE, Cartatoto is a Gold Medal-winning game at the Lépine competition.

Recommended for ages 5 and up, 1 to 4 players

Contains 110 cards

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Data sheet

Number of cards
110 cards
5 years and older
Game duration
15 minutes
Number of players
1 to 4 players

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